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North Carolina Flat Fee MLS

North Carolina FSBO on the MLS Listing Service

Charlotte Flat Fee MLS


  • List on the MLS + Realtor.com
  • From 6 Months or Until Sold
  • Listed on EVERY Major Real Estate Site
  • Up to 25 or Max MLS Listing Photos
  • You Receive All Buyer Leads
  • All State Selling Documents and Forms
  • American Customer Service and Support
charlotte flat fee mls

Charlotte Flat Fee MLS

Charlotte FSBO On The MLS Listing Includes:

Listing Syndication

Local MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and many more.

All MLS Forms and Disclosures

From MLS Listing Agreements to NC state required property disclosures, all included.

ZERO Listing Commission

You only pay the Flat Fee up-front for your MLS Listing. You pay a Buyer’s Agent if they bring you a Buyer.

You Choose Buyer Agent Fee

Typically between 2-3% but it’s completely up to you.

Sell It Yourself and Pay Nothing Else

If a Buyer finds you and contacts you directly from one of the hundreds of listed sites, you pay no additional commissions to anyone.

Customer Service

We’re here to help with any Charlotte Flat Fee MLS listing questions: 800.699.4480 or email: [email protected]

Save Your Family Thousands of Dollars

Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing.

What To Expect With Your Charlotte​ Flat Fee MLS Listing


Your property is placed on the market and made visible to estate brokerages and home buyers for a flat fee as low as $99. The entire process is done online including completing all the state required forms and real estate docs. When your home sells, you keep more of your home’s equity vs if you worked with a traditional real estate brokerage firm.

If a buyer’s agent brings you a buyer, you decide that buyers agent’s commission. Charlotte Flat Fee MLS listing has high success rates and provide big savings to home sellers.


charlotte flat fee mls listing syndication

It’s your equity.

See what your savings can do for you*


* Assumes 2.5% buyers commission, saving could be substantially greater with no buyers commission.

Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing


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When you list on the MLS it notifies all agents and brokers that your property is for sale. Over 80% of home buyers are represented by a real estate agent, you must be in front of them to get the maximum number of offers on your property! The best way to connect with 80% of potential buyers is with a Charlotte flat fee mls listing (LISTING ON THE MLS FOR A FLAT FEE).

The fact is that most seller’s agents do not look for buyers. They simply list properties on the MLS and then speak with the buyer’s agents who find the property listed there. You can easily do the exact same thing with a Charlotte flat fee mls listing and not owe the seller’s agent 3% of your sale price. This will save you thousands of dollars when selling your home! Listing NC FSBO on the MLS is the best investment in the country!

A simple investment to get your property listed on your local MLS is all it takes. Searching for a Charlotte flat fee mls broker near me brought you to our $99 MLS listing service. Get the exposure you need to sell your home without paying full commissions by signing up for a Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing today!


List on MLS Charlotte, NC


charlotte flat fee mls savings

Flat fee mls listing Charlotte is sometimes referred to as a hybrid mls listing or an ‘entry only’ mls listing. You have full control over the sale of your home like a For Sale By Owner, and you also get the added exposure of the local MLS. It’s the best of both worlds.

LIST SMARTER with a Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing and get your property on the local Charlotte MLS as well as HIGH TRAFFIC websites such as: Zillow, Trulia, Redfin including all the top local sites and every local Realtor’s personal sites, all working together marketing your NC FSBO property all over the web.

Why would you pay the traditional real estate fees to sell your home? Let’s leave high commissions in the past! Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing is a great alternative to full service and high costs.

Now Charlotte for sale by owners can get the exposure needed to get good offers and sell without the high commission fees.

Shortly after purchasing your Charlotte flat fee mls listing you will be emailed all the requires documents & forms to get your property officially listed on the local MLS.

The exact same online exposure that you would get by paying a traditional broker full commissions. Retain full control over the sale of your property (cancel anytime for any reason), and save yourself tons of money. It’s the best of both worlds: Sell It Yourself, with the exposure you need to get the offers you expect. Charlotte flat fee mls listing for fsbo (for sale by owner) home sellers is the way.
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Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Coverage

by counties
Mecklnburg County Flat Fee MLS

The future of listing! Charlotte for sale by owners save on listing commission but you get the same exposure as the pros! A Charlotte flat fee mls listing is the only way to get your property on the MLS, Realtor.com and many more sites. As an NC FSBO you are not allowed to self-list your property on the MLS, only a licensed real estate broker can you list there. So that’s exactly how a Charlotte flat fee mls listing works.

The Canopy Realtor Association and The MLS of Charlotte NC, located at 1120 Pearl Park Way Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28204
Charlotte NC MLS website


Charlotte Flat Fee MLS FSBO or Agent?


charlotte flat fee mls fsbo or agent

Click here to watch our Flat Fee MLS Charlotte NC explainer video to get an idea of the differences between Charlotte Flat Fee MLS FSBO or Agent.


Local home improvements stores that could help with your Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing.

Photos and curb appeal help to bring interest for anything on the internet.
If you’re looking for nice affordable indoor plants to bring life to a room or even some pretty and inexpensive exterior flowers you can put out in the front yard, visit your local home improvement stores.

The Home Depot in North east Charlotte NC located at 8135 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28213.

The Home Depot in South east Charlotte NC located at 1220 N Wendover Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211.

The Home Depot in South west Charlotte NC located at 4750 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217.

Lowes in West Charlotte NC located at 8192 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28273.

Lowes in North Charlotte NC located at 10275 Perimeter Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28216.

Lowes in East Charlotte NC located at 8826 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte, NC 28227.

charlotte north carolina

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte flat fee MLS listing offers a convenient and cost-effective way to sell your property in the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina. With this service, sellers can benefit from the exposure and marketing power of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without having to pay a traditional percentage-based commission. By paying a flat fee, homeowners can list their property on the MLS, reaching a wider audience of potential buyers and maximizing their chances of a successful sale. Living in Charlotte is truly special due to its unique blend of Southern charm and modern amenities. The city boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the beautiful parks and green spaces, such as Freedom Park and the U.S. National Whitewater Center. Charlotte is also home to professional sports teams, including the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets, providing exciting entertainment options for sports fans. Additionally, the city offers a diverse culinary scene, bustling shopping districts, and a welcoming community that celebrates its rich history and embraces innovation. Charlotte truly embodies the perfect balance of urban sophistication and a warm, community-driven atmosphere.

Save Your Family Thousands of Dollars

Charlotte Flat Fee MLS Listing.